Project 1: Part 6: Installing the new bottom bracket

Conversion of the 1 piece crank to a three piece crank


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This is part six of an eight part project to upgrade a Moogle Hex fitness bicycle. If this is your first visit, you may want to get some background on this project by starting at the first post

Installing the new bottom bracket step by step (mostly)

To convert the bottom bracket, I am using the Sunlite BB Consersion Kit with the 122mm spindle.

BB Conversion Kit

I will follow the instructions on the included instruction sheet to the letter.

BB Instruction sheet

Installing new bottom bracket

  • Remove all pieces from the axle by removing lock but and sliding the remaining pieces off.
  • Press cups into B.B. shell with appropriate tool making sure they are fully seated. BB ups installed BB ups installed

  • Tighten drive side cone to axle by hand.
    BB ups installed

  • Grease bearings liberally ensuring the cage is fully packed.

  • Insert seal and bearing onto axle taking note that the ball side of the bearing faces toward the cup, and the words on the seal face outward.

  • Insert the axle through the B.B. shell and install non drive bearing, seal and cone.

  • Tighten cones to 34-44Nm or frame manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Slide washer into axle and check that it is able to sit flush against the cone.

  • Install locknut behind washer and torque to 34-44Nm.

  • Double check all interfaces are flush and bearings roll smoothly.


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