Over 16 million bikes are sold each year. Approximately 74% of bicycle units were sold through the mass merchants (Department, discount and chain toy stores) representing 32% of the dollars at an average selling price of $89. (source: National Bicycle Dealers Association)

Most of you “cycling-types” think of these bicycles as low quality and disposable. Even though there is some evidence to support that opinion, I choose to think of the selection of bikes in a different way. I think of the mass merchant bicycles as a starter platform for a new, interesting and custom bicycles. If you can look past particular components and combinations, there is a solid frame waiting to be repurposed.

In this blog, I will document my attempts to use this plentiful raw material to create bicycles that I would be excited to spend a day on the bike trail. I will show my successes and failures and keep a running total of time, tools, parts and expense it takes to transform theses bikes.